01 October 2016


              many years ago i found myself in new england
                                              go easy
                                 i don’t mean i found myself
                                 i mean i was a transatlantic visitor

                                       while there
                              i bought a levi’s shirt
          an unexpected treasure in an anonymous mall
        that shirt has stayed with me for over twenty years
                              a rumpled faded favourite

                                      lately though
                                the holes appeared
                             as holes are wont to do
                                      unlike me
                          it was thinner than it used to be

                                            i made a decision
                               ordered a cheap denim shirt online
                                      i knew what i had to do

                                i had the house to myself
                                      set the music to shuffle
                                            one by one
            cut the metal buttons from my old friend
                         in a world of songs and sewing
                                 fixed them on my new arrival

                          don’t misunderstand
                 i’m not some perfumed popinjay
                               out to impress

        this was me going back while staying still
                                 i tried it on
                   almost as good as the original
                             at that moment
          in a confluence of music and memory
james taylor told me he was going to carolina in his mind
                  i was back in new hampshire
              while also in scotland on a cold wet day

              later i took  scissors to the old guy
                               used him for rags
              to clean the soot off the stove glass

                            it seemed fitting
              helping me see the fire was still burning
                          bright as a button man

                                 bright as a button


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