20 May 2017



                                           today i burned a box
                           over the years i have burned many things
                                     including  boats and bridges
                    this was just a green buddy from who knows when
                                      i forget how i came to own it
                                               i remember painting it
             with a colour left over from  smartening up the front door
                                       of a house in which i once lived
                                               over the years
                                      this box has contained
                           spare cables for long-gone bikes
                                   a heap of who knows what

                                  i see it full of smoke and flame
                               i grew up on jazz and joss sticks
                                  this was just one final aromatic riff
                                                   a fiery wake

                                            today i burned a box


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08 May 2017


29 April 2017

26 January 2017

29 December 2016

Apologies - I had no shots with spume but this one does show the correct locale.

                                                     snail mail

                                                       a tactile tendril
                                      letting someone touch my words
                                maybe getting a little ink on my fingers
                                      as i share the day on paper

                                              ceremony over
                                   i head for the post office
                        a three mile drive on a windswept wintry day
                         blown like a leaf along the lip of the loch
                            glancing down at ribbons of spume
               while my head fills with the fact and feel of the blues

                                        pull up in the village
                                   wait for the end of the track
                      then exchange pleasantries and buy a stamp
                                  it is both right and rite
                                        posting a letter
                                    just posting a letter…


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12 December 2016

20 November 2016

                                   cold november day

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